Easter is upon us once more, later than usual but welcome as ever.

Preperation for Easter in this hotel means ordering Yellow napkins, searching out the mini chocolate Easter eggs for Easter Sunday Lunch diners, and dusting off the chicken decorations again.

(see our facebook page to follow the adventure of Charlie Chick and the search for the Golden Egg)

Charlie The Cheeky Chick

It also means the season which stutters to a start on St Patricks Day , is gathering pace, and we are all getting used to being busy again.

We all look forward to this. The days fly by, there is a buzz and excitement that you just don’t get in February (personally my least favourite month here.)

The weekend starts off on Good Friday. When I started working a long time ago (I am not telling you how long) nothing was open and it was a dreary day. Most offices and all schools are closed, but nowadays, a lot of the shops are open from 12 am (Like Sunday time).

In the hotel, it usually is a quiet start to the day. Two things make it differant to a Sunday.

Firstly, it is a dry day. No alcohol is allowed to be sold, except to people who are staying overnight (residents). This enables us to carry out essential maintenance in the bar, and varnish the wooden floors. From early morning the pungent smell of varnish permeates the hotel letting us know it is Good Friday.

Secondly, many of the staff take the opportunity to walk in the 10 KM Kerry Hospice Charity walk. It is a lovely walk taking between 1 and a half to two hours depending on how much talking you are doing, and you will be back to the hotel before lunch. It feels greats to do your bit for a local charity, and it is a great start to the day.

Easter Saturday is a lively day in the town, especially because the annual Tir Na Nog festival really gets going


Check out the website above for a full round up of all the activities, from easter egg hunts, craft fairs, bouncy castles etc.

It is a busy night also as the town fills for the weekend with visitors, and people returning home for the long weekend, catching up with friends. Here in the hotel we have live music in the bar and there is a mighty session!

This year we are also hosting a gig in the function room.

2day Nation who were such a hit on tv are here Live

Easter Sunday is very much a family day. Families are in their best clothes heading to their place of worship. Children are thinking of how soon they will be allowed attack the chocolate eggs.

Here in the hotel, the main focus of the day is Sunday Lunch.

We serve all afternoon and it is very busy. The staff really get into the swing of it and it is a lovely day. Everyone is in great form, and there is plenty chocolate around as staff and customers indulge a little on the mini chocolate eggs (the staff deserve eggs too) and there is a great atmosphere throughout the hotel.

People usually work it off in the afternoon with a walk to Blennerville, or head to Banna strand to run off the excess energy.

Easter Monday is a slow start after we all get over the indulgances of the day before. It is a day for relaxing, a little grocery shopping, and for many, travelling back to the bigger cities to prepare for work the next day.

Here in the hotel, it is a day to catch your breath, check what stores must be reordered and get our house in order for the rest of the week, because the Tir Na Nog festival goes on, and the children are off for the rest of the week.

In addition, there is a big conference in town and we welcome the members of the Teachers Union of Ireland (TUI) to Tralee on Tuesday.

No rest for us, but thats the way we like it.



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