Winter has Arrived In Tralee

winter in tralee, what to do in winter in tralee


Well its here again. Sub zero temperatures are on the way, and its time to plug in the electric blanket.

Don’t despair though. there is always an upside.

Here is our top five favourite things about the winter.

Sitting in front of a Real Open Fire

And even if we say it ourselves, we have the best open fires in the town.

the amount of times we are asked by customers,

” Is it real”, to which I invariably reply

“Everything here is real”!

There is a real comfort in a fire. I think it goes back to our basic instincts.

We are very lucky here in The Grand, that we have three open fireplaces

which provide a haven for passers by. Modern hotels tend to  favour the artificial

‘fire display’ heaters instead, which are effective, but hardly as attractive.

Winter Walks

Be it in Tralee town park, or along the canal, it is a great pleasure to walk in the winter


Picture the scene. You have your warm coat, hat & gloves and winter boots on.

It is dry but cold and you can see your breath.

The ground underfoot is crunchy from frost and your nose is red.

You have to walk briskly to keep warm. But the air is crisp and everything looks clean.

There is nothing like the ‘feel good ‘ factor with a walk in the winter.





Hot Drinks

Whether its a Mug of Steaming hot chocolate, or a Hot Port

a hot drink on a winters day is delicious. The possibilities are

endless. Hot brandy, Baileys coffee or a bowl of homemade soup

and freshly baked brown bread and Irish butter. Hard to beat.




Winter Fashion

With those of us with the less than perfect bodies, the clothes associated

with the winter season can come as a relief. Gone are the skimpy tops

and bikinis of the summer months, and on go the cardigans and

coats of the cooler months. Just as stylish, but not as figure revealing!!!

And which of us does not look forward to wearing your favourite pair of boots.

And you can’t forget the endless accessories, gloves, mittens, scarfs and hats.

Yes, winter fashions definately make it into my top 5.

The change in the landscape

Okay, I know, its hard to beat the scenery in Kerry in the summer. But on a dry winters

day, the change in the landscape has its own beauty. Yesterday, I went walking with some

friends and was struck by how the winter had changed the surroundings, be it the tree

devoid of leaves, or the holly bush full of berries, or the orange glow coming off the

mountains as the sun went down. There was an air of mysticism and magic.







so thats it!

My Top 5 Winter Delights



The Winter Walker




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